about splash

Splash Beauty wants to simplify your routine.

We create products made with innovative upcycled (yet, upscale!) ingredients sourced from tropical environments around the world, which you can safely use on your face and body.

From upcycled Mediterranean Sea water (to replace well water), Brazilian nootropics like Guaraná and Jambu, to upcycled retinoids and fruit acids, we bring a seamless beauty routine to your busy day with our do-it-all-in-one products. Looking for an every-day dewy, tropical vacation glow? We’ve got you.

Coming Summer of 2022

about the founder

Being raised as a young girl just steps away from the ocean gave Raquel a natural fondness and infinity of water. Splash Beauty adopts her love of Brazilian and tropical ingredients, her love of the ocean and her passion for building brands, which contribute greatly to improving the lives of the consumer.

She has eight years of experience in consumer packaged goods, and launched 4th & Heart in 2014 with a modern line of flavored ghee butters. With one brand under her belt, she is thrilled to dive into company number two, Splash Beauty.

raquel tavares founder/ceo